Clinical Pastoral Education/Training (CPET)

Joyce D. Gray, M.Div.
Mobile no: (063) 09257420076
College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP)
Baguio City Chapter, Philippines

Testimonies about the CPE program

Rev. Delrio Jamandre, UCCP Minister

"CPE is a great experience for me as a minister. It helped me deal with my feelings as a person. CPE is not only to gain skills in counseling but most especially to really know ourselves, our inner being." 

Joan Guzman Dangkiw, Church Youth Coordinator

“CPE led me to recognize some of my strengths that were unknown to me before. Through the discovery of myself, my weaknesses did not remain as it is but gave me opportunity to exercise my gifts in counseling and continue to be changed inwardly as I deal and minister to patients and clients.  I knew CPE at the time when I am searching for meaning and purpose in my ministry, I thank God for CPE. Now I am more attached with myself and my creator. All glory to God!”

Sister Monica Tuguinay, SIHM

"Two of my great learnings from CPE: Learning more and more about myself,  like being very reactive person I discover myself more compassionate in and to understand more the other rather than focusing on myself; another is giving more quality time to listen to people especially the sick"

Alfredo “Peter” Dela Cruz, Jr.  PBTS Seminarian, Irisan Juvenile Program

 "My upbringing and environment unconsciously made me think and believe that I was good for nothing. Through the CPE structure and group dynamics, I came to appreciate the way God made me.  I learned to love myself more and understand others as well. I received affirmation as a minister. Many thanks to BUKAL for this unique training."


Zekotsolo Wezah, M.Div., PBTS M.Div.graquate, Missionary in the U.S.

Taking CPE has not changed my faith as a believer but it has widened my perspective. It helped me understand the other person not from my perspective but from his/her perspective. CPE helped me accept people as they are.


Sister Crispina Abluyon, SIHM

"I thought that at [age] 70, it was time for me to relax. Thank God for CPE! It has enriched me for a wholesome and more meaningful ministry."

Christina Fagkas, Saint Andrews Seminary Theological Seminary

"I learned to overcome my fear of heights... overcome my shyness, overcome my lack of confidence and learn to mingle with others"


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